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Centered on the areas like lindonesia,South-East Asia,the company concentrates its efforts on the distribution of tuna and interested in catering and processed foods.
Sporting Goods >>Snowmobile >>SnowMobile
Name: SnowMobile
Model: MB006
Spec :
Description : 1) Engine type: P152 QMI
2) Displacement: 125cc
3) Exterior size: 2,050 x 920 x 780mm
4) Ground clearance: 100mm
5) Dry weight: 90kg
6) Brake type: drum
7) Fuel type: 95#
8) Fuel capacity: 1.7L
9) Oil type: 5W/30
10) Crankcase oil capacity: 850ml
11) Gear case oil type: G L-5
12) Gear case oil capacity: 100ml
13) Battery capacity: 12V-9Ah
14) Fuse spec.: 6A
15) Head lamp spec.: 12V/20W
16) Turning lamp spec.: 12V/5W
17) Stop lamp spec.: 12V/3W
18) Brake distance (max. speed): <10m
19) Min. fuel consumption: <5L/100km
20) Max. payload: 75kg
21) Min. swerving radius: 5m
22) Max. speed: >20km/h
23) Climbing ability: >12°
24) Max. sound level: <80dB(A)
25) Idling emission:
a) CO>4.0%
b) HC<1000ppm
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