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Water Jet Flyers
Name: Water Jet Flyers
Model: Water Jet Flyers
Spec : Water Jet Flyers
Description :

BIG WINNER (BW) Water Jet Flyers


No. 1 qualified and safest Water Jet Flyers in China
Japan Power, low fuel consumption
Patent Closed-loop cooling system

1.Combine leisure and rescue together.
2.Up to 8m above water.
3.Easy and safe to control.
4.The only patent holder in China.

BW Water Jet Flyers is powered by 4-stroke, 1400cc Japan made Engine, and is protected by national closed-loop fresh water circulation cooling system!


With high speed(85-110KM/H), Strong Power(150-200HP), Low fuel consumption(10-13L/H), you will enjoy the high performance enjoyment heartily on FLIT's jetski.

Stop dreaming! Start flying!
Flit 2014 Water Jet Flyer combines leisure and rescue functionalities together!

The Water Jet Flyer employs a powerful 4-stroke R&R marine engine and water nozzle reaction force to achieve stable, controlled flight. The unique design allows exciting flight maneuvers above the water surface.

It can accommodate pilots of 1.5-2m in height and 120kgs in weight. A digital fly-by-wire system is used to control the throttle.For safety and performance we only use high quality materials and workmanship in manufacturing.      
Water Jet Flyers is amazingly easy to learn and operate.
Start to experience the amazing sensation of levitation and personal flight!

Model:Water Jet Flyers
Brief Information Structure a Flying JetPack+a hose+a power boat
Max. Flying Height 8m / 26'2"
Top Flying Speed 40km/h(22knot/h)
Duration at open throttle 2hours
Duration at cruising speed  3 hours
Specification Type Electric Control
Material Aviation Aluminum and Carbon Fiber 
Dimension (L)900x(W)560x(T)270mm
Structure Flying Jetpack with adjustable seat and adjustable control arms
Dry Weight 20kgs / 44lbs
Passenger Capcity 1(120kgs/264lbs)
Specification Material Pressure-resisting and Wear resisting Water Pipe
Dimension (L)20M(65'6")x100mm(3")(diameter)
Thickness 2mm
Engine Length (L)3540x(W)1220x(H)1160mm
Dry Weight 383kgs/844lbs
Passenger Capcity 3(265kgs/ 583 lbs)
Fuel Quantity 70L / 18.5gal
Engine Style 4-stroke, 3 cylinder, 1500cc R&R engine
Bore&Stroke 100x63.4mm  /  3"x2"
Displacement 1500cc
Compression Ratio 10.8:1
Cooling System Closed-loop Circulation Cooling System
Fuel Type #97(High-standard unleaded Gasoline)
Fuel Consumption 19-29L/H (5.2-7.9gal/H)
Type of Lubrication Dry Sump
Oil Quantity 5L(1.3gal)
Starting Electric
Ignition Digital Inductive
Propulsion Unit Propulsion system Output directly by crankshaft
Bump type Cast-aluminum, axial flow and water spray
Transmission Direct Drive from Engine, with forward and rear gear
Impeller Stainless steel impeller,4-blade
Hull Hull material Fiberglass
Color Red,Yellow,Blue,White,Black              (Various Colors Available)
Optional Equipment Trailer, Life jacket, Diving suit



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