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Centered on the areas like lindonesia,South-East Asia,the company concentrates its efforts on the distribution of tuna and interested in catering and processed foods.

M1 Mosquitoes helicopter

Mosquitoes Helicopter M1...

"Low altitude freedom" is one of the world's lightest manned aircraft, also commonly known as "mosquito aircraft" or "mosquito helicopters.

If you're just a simple person, there's only one simple dream, to have a helicopter. Unfortunately, you're not a millionaire, you can't afford a private helicopter.

Then you'll definitely like the mosquito helicopter, because it's not expensive, just the price of a car.

It's even cheaper than the car,The mosquito's tiny body holds only one person, with only two blades providing power, up to 137 kilometers per hour, for farm patrols, aerial surveillance, pesticide spraying, communication tests, and so on.

The M1 is Single person helicopter, no need flight permit, flight height of 2500meters, 70-80 kilometers per hour 
The default color is white.

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